Sound Therapy Practitioner Online Training

A comprehensive, one-year professional training in the art of Sound Therapy.

Learn how to use the Healing Power of Sound!

Sound Therapy is an ideal, non-invasive healing modality that complements traditional medicine and alternative disciplines as well as being a therapeutic modality in its own right.

The human body is wired to experience vibrations at a deep level. We listen with the whole body, not only with our ears. The vagus nerve’s proximity to the ears, makes the effects of the sound we hear travel deep into the body, reaching the internal organs

Pressure receptors in our skin offer a pathway from the peripheral to the central nervous system.

With Sound Therapy, we gently touch the whole body at all levels, from the energy field that surrounds it to the death of the nervous system and cellular consciousness.

The benefits of Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy provides a beautiful and nurturing way to feel more whole, centred and at peace. After a proper session, the body will remember what true, deep relaxation is and the nervous system will be nourished and invigorated.


Sound Therapy is indicated for:

  • Burnout and Stress management
  • Accompanying spiritual processes and life changes
  • Accompanying Pregnancy and Birth
  • Recovering from physical trauma
  • Chronic pain
  • Exhaustion
  • Hypersensitive nervous system
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Anxiety
  • Physical and mental tension
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia or low-quality sleep
  • Joints problems
  • And more…

      The Online Training starts on the 1st of October 2024

      This is for you if:

      • You are interested in the healing power of Sound
      • You are a therapist, yoga teacher, doula, coach, body-worker, medical professional, energy healer, musician who wants to integrate Sound Therapy in your practice, classes, or events.
      • You want to offer 1 on 1 Sound Therapy Sessions and group Sound Baths.
      • You are ready for a learning journey that will transform your perception.
      • You want to join one of the most rapidly growing fields in the alternative healing industry.

      Become a unique Sound Therapist

      With a grounded approach, this refined Sound Therapy Practitioner Training will accompany you on a journey.

      You will learn techniques and protocols to apply Sound in a therapeutic setting while developing your unique way of working with competence and professionalism.

      Explore such topics as:

      • Sound and the Nervous System
      • The Biofield
      • Therapeutic Presence
      • Trauma Awareness
      • Sound in Pregnancy and Birth
      • The Feminine Voice / The Masculine Voice
      • The Music of the Plants
      • Starting your business
      • and more…

      I have been a practitioner in the healing arts for 27 years, during which I have taken a variety of seminars, courses and trainings. Most of them have been good, a few have been great and a couple have been unsatisfactory. This Sound Therapy course has been extraordinary!

      The content is very comprehensive and the modular format is segmented into sections that are easy to assimilate. The combination of modules and online student meetings provides a perfect balance for material integration and community. The depth of knowledge provided in this course has allowed me to confidently add Sound Therapy as a modality in my practice and it has honed my skills overall.

      Lastly, Simone went above and beyond to assist me with an issue, showing that he cares greatly for his student’s success!

      Wendy Adaska


      Video Tutorials

      Hours of video tutorials with detailed theory and instructions on methods and techniques.


      Written Material

      In-depth written material with a wealth of knowledge and information.


      Live Online Calls

      Q&A sessions at specific times during the training for you to connect and to clear any doubts.



      After each module, you will complete simple assignments designed for you to integrate the material and deepen your experience.


      Case Studies

      This is where you will put your learning to the test at the end of the training and apply your newly acquired skills and learn even more from your practice.


      Sound Research Database

      A collection of carefully selected articles and papers that relate to various aspects of sound.

      Do you feel attracted to the hidden power of Sound?

      Whether you already have experience in working with sound, or you are a therapist, yoga teacher, coach, body-worker, medical professional, energy healer, doula, musician, or you have no previous experience in this field, this training is for you!

      You will learn everything you need to successfully start your practice as  a Sound Therapist or to integrate Sound in your current field of expertise.

      In addition to equipping me with a new and fascinating skill set, this profoundly deep and comprehensive training has completely altered the way I perceive and interact with the world around me. It has added a whole new dimension to my being.

      Simone’s finely tuned presentation of the vast amount of information covered in the course was clear, well presented and thoroughly explained. Signing up for this sound therapy practitioner training was the best decision I’ve made in years.

      Thank you, Simone.

      Cara Morgan

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      About your Teacher

      Hi, my name is Simone Vitale and I welcome you to this Sound Therapy Practitioner Online Training.

      In this Training, I offer you all the experience, knowledge and wisdom that I have gathered over more than 25 years of activity in the fields of Music, Music Production, Sound Design, Bodywork, Sound Therapy and Vocal Yoga.

      I am committed to providing in-depth and accurate training in order to contribute to the creation of a proper professional Sound Therapy field.

      In this training, I dedicate particular attention to the understanding of the nervous system and its role in relaxation, trauma and the creation of a truly healing, safe space.

      My approach to Sound Work is holistic and integrates the many layers that, from the core of our being, connect us with the environment as a whole.


      Guest teachers:

      Jaguar Star

      Founder of The Woman School and the SoulBirth Doula training, Lead trainer for SoulBirth Doula, Embodiment Teacher with a focus on trauma integration, Body Psychotherapist and Feminine Health Practitioner; Medicine Song Vocalist; Medicine Woman, Speaker/Presenter; Birth worker; Yoga Teacher; Writer.


      The Power of Voice in Pregnancy and Birth; The Feminine Voice: Sound as a form of birth

      Zooey Seraphine

      Musician; Sound Therapist; Founder of The Sound Alchemy Method


      Crystal Singing Bowls

      What you will learn

      Understanding Sound

      An understanding of the basic concepts and terms that are recurrent in the field of sound.

      You will understand how Sound works at a physical level and why it has such a profound effect on humans, animals and the whole environment.

      A body of information that will boost your competence in this field by clarifying the connection between the physical and metaphysical aspects of sound and their practical application.

      Sound’s Effects on the Nervous System and Energy Field

      A thorough review of the fundamentals upon which sound therapy is based. You will acquire a broad understanding that will connect all the dots and provide a bigger picture of how different aspects of working with sound and music are interconnected.

      You will explore and gain understanding of the effects of Sound on the nervous system and the energy field of the body.

      The Healing Voice

      The voice is the most intimate and direct expression of one’s true self and the balance and health of a personality are reflected in the sound of its voice.

      Whether or not you would like to include the voice in your work as a Sound Therapy Practitioner, deepening your connection with your own voice is an essential part of becoming more attuned to the element of Sound.

      Your voice is directly connected with who you are, shaped by who you are but also capable of shaping who you are.

      Metal Singing Bowls

      Learn how to use metal singing bowls for one-on-one work with clients. Off the body and on the body techniques to promote deep relaxation and to affect the mind-body system at various levels.

      Tuning Forks

      An in-depth look at the use of tuning forks for one-on-one work with clients. Off the body and on the body techniques to promote deep relaxation and to affect the mind-body system at various levels.

      Sound Therapy Practice

      5 basic aspects of a good therapeutic practice as well as further important aspects. You will also develop your skills in the use of Sound with further techniques and deeper understanding.

      Crystal Bowls

      Learn how to use crystal bowls for individual sessions and group work.


      An introduction to the use of the gong for individual sessions and group work.

      Soundwork in the field of Pregnancy and Birth

      An introduction to the use of Sound to accompany Pregnancy and Birth.

      Music of the Plants

      The natural environment as a source of healing and information and how to connect with Plants through music and sound.

      Case Studies

      An essential part of the training process is the Case Studies section, where you will be applying everything you have learned in a proper therapeutic setting.

      + Additional content on the following topics:

      The Power of the Voice in Pregnancy and Birth

      The Feminine Voice: Sound as a form of Birth

      Starting your own Business

      This training is far more than I expected! I came in with some knowledge about sound healing, and used this modality as part of my healing practice. As a result of this course, I now offer healing sound sessions without mixing other healing modalities.

      I have a better understanding of the science of sound healing, and can mix the science with intuition to maximize my clients’ healing sessions. I am thoroughly confident and satisfied with how this course enhanced my holistic practice AND the lives of my clients.

      Thank you Simone!

      Cheri Petroni

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      What people who have studied with me online or in person say:

      If you want to get deep into the knowledge and practice of sound, this is definitely the training to take. I have been studying and practicing Sound Therapy on my own for many years and I felt that I had a pretty vast knowledge of it already, but I was floored by everything that I learned from Simone.

      It can be difficult finding a training for Sound Therapy, there is no governing body for it and in my own experience looking for a training, they were all so different in terms of content and pricing. I chose Simone’s because I’ve been following him for a long time and trusted him and I’m so glad that I did!

      Brooke Padilla

      A beautiful training.

      Simone thoroughly covers many aspects of sound, providing a strong, confident foundation for anyone entering sound therapy.

      This training is worth every penny and more. You will not be disappointed!

      J.J. Goff

      I participated in the online version of Sound Therapy Practitioner training year 2020/21.
      I was a little worried up front that the training would not provide me with the teaching I was looking for due to the Covid situation and not being able to travel/meet in in-person trainings.
      This turned out to be no issue at all.

      I had been searching for a while to find someone who could teach about sound therapy from a deeper understanding of sound frequencies and how they affect the body. How to work with this in sessions.
      I loved the different components of teaching, acquiring knowledge, practising and having to do homework and put the experience and knowledge into practice with case studies – and reflect on it, also in writing with assignments.
      The way Simone explains things is very easy to understand and he is always available with more answers if anything shows up during classes or the practices at home.

      I recommend this training if you desire to dive deeper into Sound Therapy.

      Susanne Roursgaard

      As a classical musician with interests in the mind and nervous system, I felt really drawn not only to this course, but to Simone.

      The material allowed for such a comprehensive understanding of sound and frequency and really delved in to the reasons why it is so healing.

      Simone is a wonderful teacher with a gentle, kind approach, who is on hand to help you when you need it. After completing this course, I feel equipped and confident to use the techniques and skillset learned, to make a difference to the lives of those around me who are also drawn to the potential sound therapy can offer.

      Thank you, Simone.

      Charlotte Grainger

      I had been searching for a practitioner course for some time and could never find the right fit when I came upon this course. After the first lesson with Simone, I knew I’d made the best decision. His gentle and welcoming approach to teaching the content made it easy to learn and understand.

      The content in the program gave me all the tools and I was looking for and many I didn’t know I needed! It gave me a deep appreciation for sound and a true comprehension of its effects. After taking this course, I feel confident in my own understanding of sound healing and confident that I can provide profoundly effective healing sessions for my clients.

      Sheniqua Little

      I work as a therapist and counsellor through workshops and private sessions and my method has been based on creativity and the arts, more specifically, a particular therapeutic process where we work with the voice, the body and the typical interview with narrative and relational therapy. This sound healing course really came to improve the complementary part of the voice, the listening, the listening act is also the act of sounding.

      I feel confident because now I can also work with other forms to attend to the needs of my patients, for relaxing, for deep meditation, for releasing, for regenerating, not only from recognizing us as instruments but as listeners, all this learning has been incredibly useful.

      Simone has a very special way of teaching and being that allows you to express with confidence and to ask questions. He is very centred and encourages deep talk. I felt really grateful to have Simone as a teacher, his teaching form is simple and non-pretentious, the classes became pure knowledge, pure presence, pure consciousness that comes from the love of doing what we love.

      Thank you Simone!

      Rebeca Morfin-Olea

      Taking this training opened to me a new understanding of the possibility of sound in my daily life.
      It was a one-way journey! I really enjoyed it! The course was easy to follow, full of precise, clear and useful information. I really appreciated the balance between the online learning and the live meetings with the group once a month.
      The assignments and the case studies gave me the opportunity to deepen my learning and be ready for my personal practice.
      Simone is a wonderful teacher, supportive and committed to his teaching.
      Thank you so much!
      Cinthia Nicolini

      I came into this course not knowing anything about the subject, what I encountered here did not only give me
      the tools to give sound therapy sessions but also gave me an experience that has changed my life.
      Sarai Cruz

      If you are drawn to do this course with Simone at this time then you must do it! 

      Simone is a fantastic teacher, the course material fascinating and the practical aspects mind-blowing! I can highly recommend this training.

      Paula Guy

      This training has planted new seeds of understanding within me. Here, I have acquired new insights that are currently supporting a significant shift in my relationship with sound and music, as well as life in general. It has helped clarifying some things for me, made things somewhat simpler, even though there is also a nourishing complexity in all of this sound stuff. I have gained a deeper intimacy with my own voice and a result, more confidence in all my practices.

      Simone is sincere in his approach and embodies a balance of intellectual rigour and open hardheartedness. I can tell he’s done the work. Plus he carries around a nice calm glow of loving kindness.

      If you feel that this training might be right for you… …then you might very well be right. Blessings on the journey.

      Charles Côté-Potvin

      I recommend this training to anyone who wants to dive deeper into the magic of sound and music.

      Simone puts a lot of effort and skills in every session, which gave me a lot of understanding in each lecture. The theory is very interesting as well as the videos, in which the theory and practice are very well explained.

      I feel confident working as a sound healing therapist now, as I want to share this knowledge and the power of frequencies with others.

      Thank you, Simone!

      Michaela Šušlíková

      I have thoroughly enjoyed Simone’s training and it has been both comprehensive and interesting. I now feel confident in my ability to provide sound therapy sessions.

      Simone has been very helpful and has always answered any questions promptly and I feel very lucky to have found this training.

      Thank you, Simone.

      Christine Phillips

      This training was exactly what I needed when my world was feeling so uncertain. I trusted my intuition and was guided to learn about sound healing at the School of Sound Therapy.
      I was able to form a connection with the sound frequencies I have never experienced before and really enjoyed learning how to use the tuning forks and metal bowls on and off the body. Simone has a really clear and concise approach to content creation and I appreciated all of the depth and information provided.
      I have activated parts of my voice I never knew possible and I am more confident in my ability to hold space and to share the knowledge of sound therapy. I am extremely grateful for this path and journey of sound healing.
      Trust and surrender, you are supported through it all.
      Darlene Neth

      Simone is a phenomenal teacher and leads an exceptionally mind-boggling course on sound theory and the practice of sound healing. I have integrated such valuable practices into my life with the voice work and overtones we covered and I have full confidence in working with others in my circle to build my practise with sound healing.

      Simone’s kind and patient approach made the whole learning experience deeply rich and unforgettable.

      Amanda Mitchell

      What an amazing course Simone has offered, he is a wealth of knowledge and answered every question we threw at him. He has sparked my passion even more for sound. I finished the course feeling confident in what I could offer for a 1:1 client session and the sound therapy assignments that follow up the course has really helped me to integrate even more what I have learnt.

      The course covered everything I wanted to know and more I went in only being interested in singing bowls and I left with an obsession with tuning forks. Thank you so much Simone.


      Simone’s workshop on Sound Healing was even better than I imagined. There was a great opportunity of learning the different sound healing instruments and experiencing them.

      Simone has a beautiful presence and he delivers his many years of experience with eloquence, generosity and passion. I came away feeling very inspired. I can’t wait for the next seminar.


      Dianne Saville

      I attended Sound healing workshop level 1 in September 2019 in Berlin and this experience overcame my expectations!

      Not only Simone is a great teacher with really deep knowledge about sound and healing, but the way Simone explains the complex relations and also scientific findings in this field is amazing.

      The practical part of the workshop was a very intense and deep experience in the most positive way. I felt very comfortable trying out new tools and methods and I am sure I will go further and use this method in my own practice and in treatments with others.

      Thank you Simone!

      Damian Machaj

      I initially enrolled in the sound healing course as I wanted to find out more about the practice of sound meditation and therapy – the instruments, the various modes of practice, and their effects on the human body. My expectations were high – but looking back, I had no idea of the profundity of the discoveries that I was about to make.

      I was presented with a series of powerful sound healing techniques that need to be experienced to be believed. As an academic, I tend to remain sceptical unless supporting evidence is supplied; however, Simone was meticulous in the way that he presented and verified every theory and technique in both literary and phenomenological form. It’s fair to say that I was blown away.

      The online study materials provided were extensive and well-researched, presenting both expert and personal viewpoints developed over years of practical experience. The numerous practical assignments also helped me enormously to integrate the learning I had received at the workshop – resulting in several Ahah! moments.

      John Coulter

      I had been wanting to expand my knowledge and application of sound and frequencies for some time but had not been drawn to anything until I came across Simone’s offerings.

      I have such deep gratitude to have finally been able to attend one of his Level 1 Sound Healing Certificate courses, which far exceeded any expectations I had.

      The material covered through the course was incredibly expansive and had a beautiful flowing balance of science, history and true heartfelt wisdom within both the theory and practical applications.

      Simone’s knowledge and passion for sound healing are more than inspiring.  He delivers and shares his knowledge in a calm, clear, concise and engaging way.  He held space beautifully for not only the group as a whole but also as individuals thus creating a safe and open environment for everyone to interact and share within.

      For me personally, it has been one of the best courses I have attended.  I not only furthered my learning, knowledge and application of sound healing, but also broke through and released many of my own barriers within self.  I found the whole course transformational, expansive, powerful, inspiring and deeply humbling and I absolutely recommend this to anyone wishing to begin or further their journey in sound healing.

      Charlotte Blair

      The sound healing course with Simone far exceeded my expectations. The level of knowledge he demonstrates has given me a lot of confidence and I felt I was learning from someone who really believes in what he does.

      I finished the course excited and wanting to go further in my sound healing studies.

      Flavio Vianna

      Simone’s experience, wisdom & passion purify the knowledge you receive. Simone is a fantastic teacher & I’m grateful for his guidance on my journey to become a Sound Healer.

      Rebecca Jennings

      I am a 45 year old nurse, farmer and beekeeper. I attended a recent sound healing level 1, three-day workshop recently for my own interest mainly. I expected to feel outside my comfort zone, but I was wrong! I now can totally see how I might get right into this and want to take it to the next level. I am reasonably scientific-minded, but with a big focus on the importance of holistic well being and feel that our western medical system is lacking in tools other than medication and surgery.
      Simone has a very calm, gentle, genuine, down to earth and truly caring persona. We went into the physics, philosophy and practicality of using sound as therapy. I was very comfortable with his approach to using sound as healing/ therapy, not claiming anything miraculous, but highlighting the benefits and also contraindications. Truly enjoyed every minute of the course and came away literally buzzing! Thank you so much for this experience that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

      Karianne Wills

      Throughout this Sound Healing Training, I have experienced such a profound shift. I found my voice through vocal toning exciting and eye-opening. The singing bowls are magical and the tuning forks had me floating. Just sitting in the space with these healing tools is a feeling that everyone should experience.

      I felt supported at all levels, was blessed with endless information and knowledge, and was taken care of so tenderly with such deep understanding of the shifts happening in the space.

      I loved everything! I highly recommend setting time to learn more about sound healing with Simone. I am truly grateful to my teacher for this amazing experience.

      Leslie Rios

      Simone’s Sound Healing Level 1 Training was exactly what I needed. I wanted to learn more about the science of sound and why it’s so powerful as a healing modality.

      Simone’s teachings are exact, insightful and powerful. I left feeling more confident as a practitioner and inspired to use sound with more mindful intent in my everyday life.

      Irma Schutte

      I attended a Level 1 Sound Healing workshop presented by Simone Vitale and I recommend him with all my heart! He is highly skilled in many aspects of sound. Combined with his love for nature and animals and spirituality, his teachings resonated wonderfully with my passion for Spirit-Science, holistic health and plants & animals.

      Simone taught the theoretical sides of sound and sound healing as well as hands-on techniques, giving us ample time to practice on one another. In his teaching over the three day workshop period, he was clear and confident and of a high standard, at the same time his classes were relaxed and light-hearted, lovely energy flowed all the time!

      He mainly taught the use of Tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls as healing tools, but also our own voices and we had ample practice with that.

      I am looking forward to doing follow-up courses with him!

      Ingrid Raath

      As a student of Simone Vitale’s Sound Healing course, I can honestly say I learned a great deal more than I anticipated.  Prior to taking the course I had quite a fixed idea that I wanted to do sound healing with crystal bowls specifically, as I had a pre-conceived idea that they would just have more clarity and resonance than anything else.  I discovered, to my surprise, that there was much more to Sound Healing in general, than I had anticipated, and that there are multiple tools (Tuning Forks & Tibetan Singing Bowls primarily) which can be used for varying purposes in the modality of Sound Healing.

      Simone offers a great level of fundamental detail which provides a much broader understanding of the true nature of Sound Healing and how it can assist in the healing of the body and mind (including nervous system).

      I would strongly recommend Simone’s Sound Healing courses as they provide a great foundation of what Sound Healing is (including vibration & resonance). Simone’s practical sessions also gave me a clear understanding of the application of Sound Healing in a safe setting. I specifically enjoyed how Simone does not subscribe to any one particular theory in relation to Sound Healing, leaving the door open to experience, and work with, that which presents itself in the sessions, rather than any fixed ideas being imparted.

      I enjoyed the course immensely and can see me applying this modality in the future in conjunction with the Ayurvedic Massage and Life Coaching business I am building.

      Katrina Vaughan

      I was drawn to train in sound healing after I experienced a sound bath in Kuala Lumpur. I knew what a wonderful experience it was for me to go through and wanted to be able to help other people feel how amazing this is too. When I saw Simone Vitale’s training for Level 1 Certification in Sound Healing, I just knew I had to do it!

      Simone is such a talented sound healer with comprehensive knowledge and intuition for what he does. He is very patient and yet thorough with his teaching and I look forward to learning more from him.

      Michele Johnston

      I really enjoyed Simone’s teaching style; very clear, systematic and informative. Not coming from a music background was not a problem at all. Simone’s intuitive and deep knowledge was presented in a humble and gracious way, and was a pleasure to experience. I definitely recommend this training.

      Susan Herald


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