Here are some of the most common questions about this online training.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

Yes. Once you have completed all the content and all the assignments you will receive a certificate of completion as a Sound Therapy Practitioner.

Is the training's certificate accredited/recognised?

Sound Therapy is not yet an officially recognised or regulated therapeutic modality. It mostly falls under the category of “holistic disciplines”.

There is a large number of independent international accreditation boards that recognise Sound Therapy and can assist with things like getting indemnity insurance.

This training is recognised by the IPHM accreditation board.

The growing popularity of this modality and the commitment of an increasing number of dedicated practitioners will likely lead to formal recognition in the near future.


Do I need musical background for this training?

There is no need for a musical background in order to take part in this training.

Knowledge of music may help grasp some of the more abstract concepts in the first module but will make no difference in the practice itself. Sound Therapy is based on the use of the vibration of sound itself and is not directly connected with ideas such as “tonality” or “musical keys”.

Is there any pre-requisite?

No pre-requisite is needed in order to join this training.

Is this a “live online” training? Is there a calendar with the dates?

The video lecture of this training are all pre-recorded and can be watched anytime.

However, there is a pace to the training as a whole. The schedule of the training can be found here.

There is a live online Zoom meeting at the end of each module for questions and answers. These meetings are recommended but not mandatory and are also recorded and subsequently made available in the online school.


Is this a full-time training?

No. This is a part-time training spread out over the course of one year to facilitate the integration of each step/module. It also allow enough time to complete the assignments and case studies.

The assignments are simple and not particularly time consuming.

This structure is very compatible with a regular working and/or family life.


What is the time commitment?

The training is spread over a time-frame of one year.

It is structured in such a way as to allow time to integrate each step and enough time to complete each assignment.

This way not only the training is better absorbed and integrated but it can also be completed amongst the many daily commitments we all have.


How long do I have to complete the training?

The time frame for the completion of the training (including all documentation of case studies) is one year.

After one year, your access to the online content will expire.

If you complete the training and become a certified practitioner, you will retain access to the online content and any future updates.

In case you don’t complete the training within one year, it is possible to extend the time frame or join the next intake for an additional fee.


Will I be able to offer individual session after the training?


This training is focussed on one-on-one work and you will experience offering individual sessions during the assignments and the case studies.

Of course, you can apply everything you learn also to working with a group. However, the content is specifically created to teach how to work one-on-one.

Do I need to read any books before the training?

There is no reading requirement prior to this training.

You will receive all the material you need in the form of text and videos.

Any previous knowledge is, of course, a bonus. However, I would recommend approaching this training with a “beginner’s mind”.

Books recommendations will be also provided as additional (but not required) reading.